This feels so weird writing this as I haven’t done so since 2015. To get the ball rolling, I thought it would be good to start with a quick update of my current system. 

  1. Iris by Lowe’s: 2 hubs and 61 devices
  2. Ring Doorbell: 1 Ring Pro
  3. Arlo: 4 cameras
  4. Alexa: Echo and Echo dot
  5. Hue: 4 color lightbulbs
  6. IFTTT/Stringify: Connect things
  7. Wink: 1 Hub with 2 sensors

As you can see Iris is still my primary system. However I’ve also expanded to other things outside of Iris and I plan on sharing what works in my home in future posts.

Looking forward to the rest of 2017 as I plan on being more active on this blog and at the forum

Search for Fan Control on Lowes.com


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UpdateFanControlDuring the recent hub update. You may have see the above notification for the GE Ceiling Fan Control Switch part number #650035

Searching this number at lowes.com currently doesn’t provide any results, where it seems this item number is still being hidden at the moment.  NoResult650035

However running an advance search on google.com seems more successful.


Here is the link on lowes.com for the  GE Ceiling Fan Control if your interested.





Here is the link to the PDF installation guide.

As of today there is none available for purchase, but if you happen to catch it when there is availability please put a comment or notify the forum. Thanks!

Hiring at Lowe’s for Iris Smart Home Position


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Looking for a job in home automation?

Lowe’s is looking for some people to work in the US within the Iris Smart Home division. This seems interesting to me as they are looking for software engineers which I thought the development was only by a UK base company called Alertme.com.

If your interested in applying just go to http://careers.lowes.com and search “Smart Home” Good luck!

“Iris By Lowe’s” user on the Living with Iris forum



Iris by Lowe's userSorry for stale blog since my last post from 2014. I’m assuming you can only imagine what our family is going through with our advocacy work for safer streets in our daughter’s memory. However we’ve meet with some amazing people and learned a lot from our advocacy experience and I hope I’ll be able to bring some of what I’ve learned here.

Today we have some exciting news as a representative from the Iris team will be present in the forum under the username “IrisByLowes” to answer questions, listen to your feedback, and provide you with access to the Iris customer support team.

If you haven’t been by the forum for a while. It’s a good time to drop by just to say hello.

Justice for Allison


Sorry everyone for my lack of posting. I’ve been deep into the street safety issue and recently our world has been spinning.

For those who have been following this blog would know that my three year old daughter died last year when a driver ran over her. Recently we received shocking news that the driver who received two TRAFFIC TICKETS for “Failure to yield” and “Failure to use due care” was dropped by the DMV when they have video evidence that the driver is guilty of these charges.

I’m asking today if every can please sign the petition at change.org and if you can share it with your friends and family, so we can find justice for my daughter and MAKE changes at the DMV.


For the full news and video of the crash:



Next Market Insights Webinar with VP & GM of Lowe’s Smart Home and CEO of Zonoff


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Nex Market Webinar

If you’re interested on how Lowe’s Iris and Staples Connect create a scalable product and services for the Internet of things. Then you may not want to miss this webinar from Next Market Insight on October 30th at 10am PDT (12pm CDT / 1pm EDT)

To sign up go to the following link:

Subject: Creating Scalable Consumer Products & Services in the Internet of Things Era

Format: Roundtable conversation, with host/moderator.

Mike Harris – CEO, Zonoff
Kevin Meagher – VP & GM of Smart Home, Lowe’s
Moderator – Michael Wolf

Continue reading

Beta Program for Blueline Innovations


Just sharing from the forum that there’s a beta program which you may apply to join from Blueline Innovation for a new meter reader they are testing that will also work with iris. You may apply by going to the following link {removed}, and I’ve also did verify as of last week that they are still looking for testers. Good luck.

**Update 10/8/2014 2:29pm**

I got word they fill their requirements and is not accepting anymore applications. Thanks for those who applied!