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No Monitor Center

If you didn’t know Loews Iris doesn’t provide a 25 hour contact center where a person can dispatch local authorities if an event will trigger an alarm for the system. This can be a non starter for some people, but we decided it wasn’t necessary.

We concluded this when we went down the reason of “why” we needed a system. That became apparent when we pointed out that our family safety was more important than the things in our home if Iris fails to reach us for some reason.

Also we we had find that the monitoring stations doesn’t contact the police right away, they reach out to you and your tested one’s first and ask if you can check out the situation before they contact the police. Are you’re asking yourself “What?!?!” like we did? That’s because most events that trigger the alarms are false alarms and to dispatch a police officer is a huge waste of time and resources when they find that a stray cat had  triggered the system. Other than that the homeowner will also get large fine in the process. As you can see this will discourage anybody to call the policy right way, unless they can validate the need for one.

In the end we needed a system which will do the following.

1) Inform us of an activity at home we should be aware of.
2) Knowing is it safe to enter our own home.
3) Should we contact the local authorities if we do find suspicious activities.