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After my failed attempt to find official supported Siren from Iris, I decided to find an alternative. I ran some Google searches for “z wave siren” which lead me to an image that looks exactly like the one Lowe’s offered but it had a different brand. It’s called Everspring model SE812-2. Once I figured out the brand and model it was easier to search for it.

As you can see from below the image from Amazon and the screen shot taken from the Lowe’s Youtube video. It looks identical.

Lowes Iris siren from YouTube

Lowes Iris siren from YouTube

Once I figured this out I needed a cheep way to test this, Ebay.com became my best friend. I was able to find someone who was offer the exact siren and I ordered it.

It took me a few hours to figure out because the instructions wasn’t meant for the average home user. Most of the instructions has information about programming, and talks about commands you can provide.

Example: “The Following information is for someone that has some experience setting up a Z-Wave system or someone that has computer software running a Z-Wave controller.” {Everspring Manual SE812-2}

The instructions wasn’t very clear and very confusing. I’ve tried using the instructions from the Youtube video and it didn’t work and wouldn’t pair with the hub. I almost gave up after an hour till I found the section for “Include to or Exclude from a Z-Wave network”. So the one line that helped me and got the siren added to Iris was “Press link key 3 times within 1.5 seconds will enter inclusion mode”. (What!?!? Can you tell me this in human terms please?)

Here’s my human instructions to add the Siren to Iris hub.

1) Open the back cover and install batteries.
2) Login to Iris website and set Iris hub to add device.
3) There is button between the batteries where you need press it three times quickly.
4) The Iris hub should beep to confirm it’s connected.
5) The siren should display as a device connected on Iris website.

I’ve also created a video on Youtube to show how this is done.

There are also other instructions regarding this siren.

1) Enabling Siren when intruder alarm is triggered.
2) Set Alarm sound between 100db (High) or 90db (Low)
3) Enable/Disable Siren if someone tries to tamper the device
4) Test siren
5) Disconnecting the siren from Iris