Interesting article, It seems like there is a large interest in having a wireless security or security camera system but very little do.

Also only 10% of people like to do install this themselves and the rest like to have someone else to this for them.

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May 1, 2013 – By Rose Quint, Assistant Vice President for Survey Research

Economics and Housing Policy
National Association of Home Builders

Report available to the public as a courtesy of

“Half of all home buyers want amenities (including electronic systems and technology features) included in the base price.”

iHome Systems - Home AutomationNAHB recently released What Home Buyers Really Want, a report aimed at providing our members the most current and accurate information on home buyer preferences so that they can deliver the home (and community) that today’s buyers want and are willing to pay for. The findings are based on a detailed survey undertaken by the Economics and Housing Policy Group in 2012.

The survey was conducted online and in two phases, using a consumer research panel maintained by the NAHB Research Center. The first phase used screening questions to identify recent home buyers (who purchased a home in the last…

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