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Currently the Iris system is setup to notify me by text and phone call if there is an intruder, but I’ve notice there wasn’t much noise in the house besides some beeping from the keypad. One of the police officers that visited us after the burglary mentioned, that a loud noise from the house would discourage anybody to stay around while the noise is attracting the neighbors to our home. I did find on YouTube video from Lowes where they have instructions to set one up but I can’t find it anywhere on lows.com/iris as one of the product for sale.

In the comments from YouTube video they said to call up Iris support line to order, but I’ve called and kind of got a runaround where they told me they use to place orders but the siren should be in the stores. I’ve checked two Lowe’s stores and one of the associates even called up their customer care line and try to assist and been told to call the Iris support line.