Yesterday we were going through our routine of having breakfast in the morning, and received a call from our next door neighbor to see if our garage door was open.  I looked out the window and it was closed, so I asked why you asked?  It seems the neighbor next to theirs was open but their own wasn’t touched. Not thinking much of this because it possible maybe they just forgot to close it. So I told her I’ll check out my outdoor cameras and see if it caught anything.

To my surprise I see the following at 4:07am in the morning taken by my vuezone cameras!

0520080804-Edit contrast


I later rushed outside to the garage just to check. I did notice that the garage door was slightly open so I decided to look inside. I don’t t see anything that is different inside. The stuff there is just storage, like the kids bikes, and odds and end that wasn’t worth much. We later found nothing was taken either from the neighbor who’s garage door was open.

I’ve since then put in a sensor in the garage and a smart plug to act like a range extender because the sensor would keep disconnecting when I close the garage door.

I’m wondering would we have just brushed this off as a forgetful neighbor who left his garage door wide open, like how I left the door unlocked when we got burglarized. We may not even notice any changes on our side and gone through our day like nothing happen. This really shows that the time we got burglarized may not be the last. I just hope we’re ready for next time, and I hope our neighbor realize this too after they seen the photos.