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I got this issue where my Iris hub would disconnect daily and at random times with my broadband connection from Verizon FIOS. I’ve contacted Lowe’s Iris support line and at first they told me it’s an known issue and new firmware upgrade to the hub that was coming out soon, (End of April 2013) was to resolve this. Once the version 3.04r25 was released I upgrading right away and the issue still continued.

I went to check out their support section and product review of the hub. It seems I’m not the only one with this too. The suggestions I’ve found online was to check your internet provider because it’s a connection issue and/or a router configurations. 

Neither of them gave me a clear path of resolution quickly, so I decided to purchases their Verizon Cellular USB Modem to see if this makes it any better.

The installation was seamless and Lowe’s provided a video for installing the USB modem.

I started to use the cellular modem as by backup connecting hoping that if it does disconnect it will go to the cellular backup connection, but unfortunately it never did  and would have the same symptom like before. My only option was to use the cellular connection as my primary and remove the Ethernet cable. Once this was done there hub doesn’t disconnect anymore and have been running fine for a month without an issue.

While having the cellular service and Iris subscription brings me to $19.98 a month, (Iris: $9.99, Cellular connection: $9.99) it’s still cheaper then the $40 plus a month by going with traditional security companies like ADT with their Cellular plans.

Even though I have a workaround for this issue I rather set the cellular connection as my backup and pay $4.99 a month. So back to testing mode again to find a solution like how I did with finding an alternative siren for Iris. I’ll update later on my findings.

**Update 6/7/2013**

I’ve installed a second hub and it hasn’t disconnected since. I’ve recently even set up cellular from primary to backup and haven’t and any issue since.

I wonder what was fixed. Either Verizon or Iris resolved something regarding these disconnections issues with the hub. I guess I won’t know until this happens again.

**Update 6/13/2013**

I’ve spoke too soon. Both hub disconnected last night at the same time.  This leads me to believe there is some kind of issue with FIOS connection. I’m setting my cellular connection back to primary from backup and see if this still happens again to both hubs. If it does then it’s a Iris issue, if not then it’s a FIOS issue. Either way I think Iris should still address that there is a connection issue and use my cellular connection which it didn’t do and also know there is some error condition and the hub should reset itself.


The hub with the dedicated cellular connection hasn’t disconnected, while my other hub which is connected to Verizon FIOS has disconnected multiple times. I have seen where my FIOS connection was slow sometimes, but not sure if it show how related to the disconnection issue. My Vuezone cameras doesn’t have any issues like Iris currently.


A Iris user name Alex contacted me today and mentioned that what seems to helped him was to configure his router setting to do the following.

  1. Configure your router to provide the Iris hub a static IP address so it’s not on a Dynamic one that changes all the time.
  2. Then configure the router to forward all port traffic from 443 (secure https traffic) to your Iris hub static IP address

I wish I can provide more detail instructions but each router has different procedures to successfully configure the above steps. I’m sorry that I can’t provide every router types, but I did provide detail instructions for myVerizon FiOS router


Hub still disconnects, but now I’m looking at my router logs and etc. I think there might be some networking issue but still not sure.


After making the IP static and forward all traffic for port 443 seems to cause the hub to disconnect and reconnect on a daily bases compare to before where it might be days before it would reconnect.

**8/12/2013 My workaround**

I found my solution by not using my Verizon FiOS broadband connection and use the free 4G network through FreedomPop as my primary connection. I still have a 2nd hub so I may still try to figure out why my hub would disconnect through Verizon FiOS with Iris support.

**8/21/2013 Resolved!!**

I’ve upgraded the hub on 8/15/2013 from version 3.04r25 to 3.06r47 and haven’t had a disconnect since!



I hope to understand how big of of an issue this is, would you do me a favor and fill out this short survey? Thank you!

##Poll Results as of 7/12/2013##
I only very little responds from the survey but it does seem the disconnect issue seems to be on different internet providers. I have the following.

Comcast, Verizon FiOS, Verizon, RCN.