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Alarm- Partial

When I first setup the Iris system the first question I asked myself was what’s “Partial” alarm? I only thought that people would just turn on their security system when they leave the house. After looking at the configurations and hearing stories about break-ins during the night. I can understand why you would like to have a night time setting or if your home alone.

The alarm configurations has two sections you may make changes on the Iris portal. It’s for Settings & Devices.

A) Settings


B) Devices


To get to this screen you need to login to https://lowes/iris and click on the Alarm section where the arrows point to the right.


Then click on “Alarm configurations”.


This is where you should end up.


Let me start off by reviewing the section on “Settings” and what each one of these mean.

1) Delay between setting and activation:

Options: 1, 5, 10, 15,30,45, and 60 Seconds

This is used for the amount of time you like to have from turning the alarm on to the time it will actually arm itself. So if normally set the alarm on and later grab a few things like your wallet or keys. Then you should increase this time.

Another reason why you would increase this setting is because the motion sensors may take a few seconds before it determine that there is no activity. This would happen if you rush out of the house and enable the alarm. I didn’t figure this out until this happen to me after two times while driving away from my home. So if you normally rush out of the house with breakfast in your month then you should increase this delay time.

2) Delay between trigger and alarm:

Options: 1, 5, 10, 15,30,45, and 60 Seconds

This is the amount of seconds between someone triggering a device before it starts to notify that an intruder is in the house.

This should be higher when your not home (Alarm – intruder)  and lower when you’re home (Partial).  This will give yourself extra time to get to the keypad if you accidentally trigger a sensor.

3) Number of devices required to set off alarm:

Options: One or two devices.

This is to activate the intruder alert of one or two devices have been triggered.

I currently have it set for one device and really haven’t find a good reason for having two devices set. Please let me know who you may use this for.

4) Play sounds while arming:

Option: Yes / No

This is the sounds you hear when the alarm is turned on. The hub say “Your Iris alarm will be set to on, please exit now”. then there is a series of dinging sounds before it arms itself.

I’ve set this rule when everyone is leaving the house but off for partial. I’ve done this so that I don’t wake my kids up if they are already in bed.

5) Play siren sounds when triggered:

Option: Yes / No

This is pretty self explanatory. If you have a siren then this will cause ringing to anyone’s ears if you trigger the alarm.

If you don’t have the siren and can’t find the one from Lowe’s then check out my post for “Iris Siren Alternative

6) Play other sounds when triggered:

Option: Yes / No

I’m not sure about this one. I’m assuming it’s related to the sounds that comes from the keypad, but I’m still not sure what else does it mean by “Other”. If you know the answer let me know.

7) Alarm auto reset after being triggered:

Option: Never, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes

If your alarm is triggered how long before it should reset it self? I’ve set this on a shorter interval because I have close by neighbors and wouldn’t want to annoy them too long it’s a false alarm.

The “Device” section is pretty much self explanatory, where you have to decided which devices should be enabled for “On” compare to “Partial”.  I use partial as my night time mode so it make sense for me to  turn off motion detection because we may still have to get up in the middle of the night to use the restroom or to  full up a bottle of milk.

Now we go over the other tab for “Devices”. This section I hope is pretty much self explanatory. It only has two columns. The first column for the alarm to be fully “on” while other one is for partial. The only option you have is to check off if a device should be activated to detect an intruder.