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When trying to add a second hub to trouble shoot why my hub would disconnect with my broadband connection, I ran into a problem. There was no option to add a second smart hub. where-is-hub

Fortunately I remembered that I accidentally registered my wife’s account as a new hub owner and not just a contact. So every time she logs in to the Iris webpage it would ask to supply the unique number hub ID, and she then have to switch to my account. Now that I got a another hub I can add this unique ID for her.

Once you have another account for this second hub you just need to link them together by going to the “account” section on the web site and below you will notice section regarding “Account linking”. You just need to supply the other account username and password.

Link Account

if you’re curious, and like to know how to switch accounts. You just need to go to the top right-hand corner of the Iris website to log-out. You will notice it’s a drop-down menu, and can switch accounts, or to log-out.


You can also switch accounts in the Iphone app too in the “Home” section of the app.

Iphone Switch 1

Iphone Switch 2