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With in a few a week after I’ve paired my basement window sensor it seems to disconnect/reconnect once a week or so.  When reviewing the device setting I’ve notice that the signal strength was full bars.

Signal Strength

I’ve thought it might be related to how cold the basement is because batteries normally don’t run well in very cold temperature. Later I find out that it would  disconnected during warmer days too. 

By this time I’m thinking that the window sensor is defective. I had a spare motion sensor which I was still deciding where to install, so instead of replacing the window sensor I stuck on the motion sensor in the same room as what I thought was the defective window sensor. 

One week later I would either have the window sensor or the motion sensor disconnect, but never both.  To get them reconnected again I would take out the batteries and put them back in.  I then check the signal strength and both would be full bars. Now I’m just confused.

Searching on the iris support for answers it seems like other people have similar problem, and was recommended to get a range extender or a smart plug which also happens to act like a range extender too. Nobody ever mention that their signal strength was at full bars, so I wasn’t sure if this will help me.

With doubts I’ve decided to give the solution a try and got both a range extender and a smart plug. To my surprise it did! It’s been over a month and I have no problems with neither window sensor, or motion sensor disconnecting anymore.

Now I know that you should just ignore the signal reception bars. If any of your devices disconnect and reconnects regularly, then try a range extender or smart plug to see if it helps your situation.