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Stolen BikeThis is the bastard that had went to our garage and stole my nephew’s bike!

I wish I had a closer view of this guys face.

Too bad I didn’t arm the alarm last night. I was too tired after trying to get the kids to bed and forgot to set the alarm to partial. It would have scared off this guy at least because I had a sensor at the garage door. 😦

I’m planning to either pair the sensor in the garage door to a different hub so it’s on a different system then my home so it can be always on, or just get a key pad in the bedroom to better remind me to set it every night.

Besides being angry at this guy, the police hasn’t done anything. My wife had called the detective 3 times who was investigating our case when they taken our flat screen TV, and I’ve also emailed them about the last time someone came snooping around. There was no call back or reply to my email, not even just to say sorry to hear that happen to you. Any respond would have been better then none. This just shows they aren’t interested in our problem anymore.