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I’ve notice the two parts to the Iris Door / Windows / Cabinet sensors were attracting to each other like magnets. You may not notice it unless you put them very close to each. I would have thought that the two parts where paired with some sort of encoding and will only work with each other. So I decided to do a quick experiment.


It turned out the two peaces aren’t depended on each other. You may interchange between other sensors.  I’ve even gone as fair as just placing a magnet on the primary component of the sensor and it will also trigger.

Sensor with magnet

I did notice it’s not as effective as the peace it came with because the magnet needs to be touching the sensor for it to work.

This gives me a few ideas to try, like will this work better with a stronger magnet? Can I have a magnet on the window so it can be a second trigger? The first one will be when it’s closed while the magnet will trigger if the window is wide open. This might help in case we leave the window slightly open and will trigger if someone opens it further.