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If you have purchased the Iris system for it’s security feature then do yourself a favor and get the Verizon USB modem. Verizon USB Modem

This USB modem connects to the Verizon wireless network so your Iris hub doesn’t just rely on your home internet connection. The reason for doing so is because anybody can just disconnect your internet connection from the outside of your house and enter your home without you getting notified once the system is triggered for an intruder.

This isn’t very hard to do at all, either someone can cut your internet connection line, or I’ve seen some houses where you can just twist off the connection with your fingers.

Please note that this does increase your cost for your Iris system for an additional $4.99 to have your USB Modem run as a backup to your internet connection or $9.99 as your primary connection.

If you do run it as your primary connection, you need to unplug your network connection from your Iris hub or it will still use your home network connection.


If you have any security tips you like to share please let everyone else know by putting in a comment below. Thanks!