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Second Key Pad

I’ve decided to install a second keypad in the bedroom. The keypad was the only thing that helped created a visual trigger to remind me to set the partial alarm every night.

While I did try to remember to set the alarm without the keypad. It was just too difficult to remember to set it through the iPhone app. The iPhone notifications (email, Facebook, games etc..) dominate the phone. I’ve also tried using the key fob as another alternative option too, but it too was it hard to remember to set the alarm and it doesn’t have the option for partial alarm either.

Having the keypad close to the light switch seem to do the trick. It’s a visual trigger right before shutting off the light and going to bed. It’s become a nightly habit now.

1) Turn on partial alarm
2) Shut off the light
3) Sleep….zzzzzz

Hopefully now I can sleep a little better knowing the alarm will trigger before anybody tries to steal something from the garage this time.