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I’ve recently replied to a comment that what helped me decided to use Lowe’s Iris system was the future scalability. I believe Lowe’s has the leverage to bring more vendors to integrate with Iris and set a price point where is accessible to the average consumer. Below is a list of what I’ve found that’s is coming in the future.

Smoke detector (Youtube Video at 1:05)

Smoke Detector

From the video it does look like it’s made from First Alert and from the way it looks like I’m guessing it’s the model SA511CN2-3ST.

Irrigation timer -Landscape Light Controller – Hose Tap Timer 


These three components are from Orbit and this is what I had found.

1) Irrigation timer – It has to be one of the following on Orbit’s product page.
2) Landscape Light Controller – I can’t find this, but it looks like their irrigation timer refitted to be used for light control.
3) Hose-Tap Timer – This seems to be similar to the part Orbit calls “1 Dial Hose Faucet Timer“.

Window blind Control

Pella and Bali are the two companies working to integrate with Iris.

Water Heater Controls

This is a partnership with Whirlpool regarding their Energy Smart Module.

Smart pet doors with smart collar

As you can see this from petsafe

Plant moister sensor

Pulse is the plant moister sensor and it’s from the company Plastair

Light bulbs

Zigbee light bulbs are from Sylvania and it looks like it’s part of their product line up called “ULTRA iQ LED

Outdoor Camera

App Store What's New for Iris

From the Apple app store under the section “What’s New in Version 1.5.0”.

Support for new device: Outdoor Weather-Resistant Camera (available online at Lowes.com/Iris this summer)

**I’ve also highlighted in the screen shot from the app store that Light Bulb Control  Module is also coming soon this summer. I have to assume it’s related to the Sylvania Zigbee light bulbs which I’ve mentioned above.

If there is anything else I missed please put in a comment so I can update this list. Thanks!