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Today I created a control group of power strips so I can turn them off when they are not in use.

I started looking to create a group under the “Devices” tab and “Magic” tab with no success. While looking around I discovered that I need to be on the “Home” tab and click on the “Control” box.


This will bring you to the Control page and you need to click on the button for “Group Control”.

Group Configuration

This will bring you to a page called “Group Configuration” where you need to drag the available controls over to a box on the right side. Then give it a group name and click save.

Create Group Control

Once the save process is complete you should notice a new Control group on the left side. Once you are satisfied with the result then you may click on “Controls overview” to exit the page.

New Group Created

Now you can control a group of lights or for me its two power strips on or off at the same time. This is so that I can save some electricity during the time when I’m not using them.