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Setting chimes for a door sensors can be useful when your home alone, and like to be aware of your surroundings.

I’ve set this up so our keypads will chime when any of any of our doors open. I’ve notice the usefulness of this when my in-law came over and open our garage door when I wasn’t aware they were coming to our house. Apparently they told my wife and at least I wasn’t too surprised when I meet them out side. 

To do this you need to configure two things.

1) On the Device section you need to click on the “manage” button on the contact sensor which you like to enable to make a chime.


Then select the option for “Play a chime when this contact sensor is opened”


2) You have to enable the chimes to play on the keypads instead of the Hub and to do that  you need to go to the “Account” tab and expand the section for “Setting”.


From the “Setting” section you may change the option to be played on Hub, or Keypad.


**Notice that there the option for “Enable door chimes”. This option is the global selection to turn all chimes on or off.