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Trying to have a little fun today by setting up a contact sensor to send me a email  when the mail man opens my mail box to drop off my letters.  This is what it looks like inside when it’s completed.

Inside of mail box

To start off I couldn’t just attach a sensor in the mail box because when there is a  large envelope or magazine my mail box is left wide open. If it rains, then half my mail sometimes gets wet and so would the sensor.

I had this idea for a while now. So when I was browsing in a drug store I spotted waterproof adhesive tape! It’s really meant for injuries but I think it can do the trick.  🙂

Water proof Adhesive This is what the sensor looks like when I warped side with the tape.

Weather proof contact sensor

I didn’t have to worry much about the second peace of the sensor because inside is just a magnet and there isn’t any electrical component I have to worry about getting wet. I did however did get double sided weather proof tape so it would stay on the mail box and not use the one it came with.

When installing the sensor I made sure the sensor would chime to verify if it’s installed and will trigger correctly.

**Review post “How to set chimes for contact sensor?” if you don’t know how.

Once it’s installed and tested then you can log in to the Iris website and set the magic rule “When a sensor is activated then send someone a message” which is under the section for “alarm” under the “Magic” tab.

Magic Rule to send email

That’s it!

I hope this works and will update this post later on to see if the water proof adhesive really protected my sensor from the rain, or I’ll have a dead sensor in my hands.