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My home office has a few devices that seems to be always on regardless if I’m using them or not. For example my personal HP Laserjet printer that’s doesn’t even have a on/off switch.

So in an attempt to save some electricity. I’ve decides to plug my two monitors, Laser printer, speakers, and scanner to one surge protector, then I connect this surge protector to a smart plug. I’ll also have a second surge protector where I connect my computer and any devices that needs charging like batteries for the camera so they will never be shut off.

Outlet with Smart Plug

This is the physical side of what I did. Now for the magic rules!

The rules I’ve setup is to shut off all the smart plugs when I set the Alarm to “On” or “Partial”. So at lease either when we leave the house or ready for bed these devices are off.

These settings are under the section “Alarm” under the magic rule tab.

Smart Plug off when arming alarm

I also happen to have a motion sensor my office so I’ve setup a rule to turn on the smart plug if it’s triggered. This rule is also in the same section under “Alarm” under the magic rule tab.

Turn on smart plug when motion is triggered


It’s been kind of cool lately when I walk into my office and have things start up knowing that I’ll be using them soon. 🙂