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I had recently called up Iris support regarding resetting my devices and they mentioned that the trouble shooting steps they provided me was actually online. I’ve asked them where because I never found them. They lead me to their FAQ section for trouble shooting.

So if you run into some issues with one of Lowe’s Iris product and like to do some of your own trouble shooting before contacting support then you may like to review their web site regarding their online FAQ for trouble shooting first. (I’ve also found that their “Community Q&A” are useful too.)

To find this trouble shooting FAQ section you need to go to their webpage on http://www.Lowes.com/iris


1) Click on “Customer Support”

Lowe's Support Page

2) Expand the option under “Iris FAQs” for “Iris Product (Device & Sensors) Trouble shooting”.

Iris FAQ Support 1

3) Select the option for the device you like to review for trouble shooting.

Iris FAQ Support 2