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update 7/12/2013

I still have issues with my hub disconnecting but I think there might be some networking, or router issue but still not sure. 

I’ll keep this post up in case someone has the same router and like to try the solution.

From a recommendation from an Iris user I’ve reconfigured my router to see if it help stop my Iris hub from disconnecting.

Before I even start these are the following resources I think you may find helpful if you have a similar Verizon router.

How to set static IP address: 

Port Forwarding Instructions for the FiOS MI424 Router:

Reset Verizon FiOS router: This is if you don’t know your password

**I didn’t try this instructions to reset my router but thought it might be useful for those of you who don’t remember your password**


Verizon Router

These are the steps I performed for my Actiontec MI424-WR Rev.E router (Firmware Version: 20.19.8) 

A) Setting the static IP address for the Iris hub.

A1) Unplug all network cables connected to the router besides the Iris hub.

A2) Start up a browser and go to the web address “”

Router web page

The default username and password seem to be either the following.

User: admin
Password: password

Password: password1

I had set my own password so I didn’t have an issue logging in. If you don’t remember the password then you may want to try out resetting the router from the link above but please note that you may need to reconfigure  your router again.

A3) Once your logged click on “Advanced”

Verizon Main Page

A4) Click on “Yes” button to proceed.

Verizon Warning Page

A5) Click on “IP Address Distribution”

verizon IP Address Distribution

A6) Click on “Connection List”

Verizon Connection List

A7) Click on the host name called “new-host” or if you have other devices that doesn’t have names it might be called something similar but with an additional number like “new-host-2”, “new-host-3”, etc. You may want to verify if the status is “Active” so you know it’s the one that’s connected to your router.

Verizon Click on New Host

A8) Click on the option for “Static Lease Type” and click on “Apply”

Verizon Select Static Lease Type

B) Now for the port forwarding part

It seems that there are different instructions depending on the Firmware version so you should click on “System Monitoring” which will display your firmware version.

Verizon Firmware Version

Once you know the version you should review the instructions from the link below.

Port Forwarding Instructions for the FiOS MI424 Router:

My firmware version is 20.19.8 and I had to do the following.

B1) Click on “Firewall Setting” and select “Yes” to proceed.

Verizon Firewall Setting Yes

B2) Select “Port Forwarding”

Verizon Port Forwarding option

B3) Click through the drop down for creating a new port forwarding rule.

a)”new-host – 192.168.?.?” (This is your Iris Hub IP address)
b) “Custom Ports”
c) “Both”
d) “443”
e) Click on “Add” button

Verizon Custom Port Forwarding

B4) Scroll down and click on “Apply”.

Verizon Port Forwarding Apply

If this worked for you would you click on the “Like” button so I get feed back that this helped. Thanks and good luck!