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I had decided to replace my old light switch with the GE light switch that will work with Lowe’s Iris and didn’t have much luck.

I found out that my light switch has two wires and it seems the GE requires a third one that is called “Neutral” or it won’t work at all.

Old light switch

Back of GE light switch

I’ve tried a few different things, but the closest I got it to do was to make the lights flicker on and off without stopping. LOL.

I’ve contacted a friend who’s an electrician and been told that there’s no simple workaround besides installing a neutral wire if you want to use the light switch and manufactures are beginning to see the problem and slowly trying to come up with solutions to resolve the neutral issue.

He also mention that the other option is to install a device that just doesn’t require a neutral line.

Well this got me looking on Lowe’s Iris page, I found that the GE Iris 15 amp White Dimmer doesn’t have neutral from a customer who gave it a bad review and mention not having neutral line is flawed in the product. Well it might be flawed, but it just might work for me. 🙂

I’ll have to get one and try it out and update this page later!

**Update 7/15/2013**

I’ve gotten the dimmer and it didn’t required the neutral line and I was able to get it installed and working.

Intalled Dimmer out side of wall

dimmer installed

Paring the dimmer was also not much of a problem after I brought the hub near closer to the dinner to pair.

I did go through some struggles to figure out a few things about these GE light switches, but I’ll mention them at later post.

**Update 7/19/2013**

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