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I’ve tried to install the electrical wire for the GE dimmer the same way as the older light switch by keeping the hook shape for the electrical wire and was having a difficult time fitting it in. The screw doesn’t come out all the way and it just seems awkward.

It just so odd that it’s difficult to do, so I then searched online to see if I was doing this incorrectly. I found out that the GE Z-wave light switches were made from Jasco and they were licensed it out to GE.  From there I was able to find some videos regarding their GE-Zwave  products which are different then the one’s provided from Lowe’s. http://www.jascoproducts.com/support/video/z-wave-videos.asp

The video titled “GE Z-Wave on/off Switch” was most useful about 57 seconds into the video. From there you can see that they install the wire not by bending it like a hook but keeping it straight.

Just to show you how the traditional light switch wiring looks like while it’s hooked around the screw and tighten.

Old switch wire install

While the GE Z-Wave light switch requires the wire to be straight and be placed through the hole in the back then tighten with the screw.

GE Dimmer wire install