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Even though I don’t have pets at home, I did look into this because it was an issue mention in a comment, and there’s a possibility that I may need to help install Iris for someone who has pets.

At this time there isn’t a pet friendly motion sensor and Lowe’s has the following in their FAQ regarding the current motion sensor.

The motion sensor will detect small movements from a pet walking by. There are a few methods to reduce false alarms caused by pets:

  • Move the sensor to an area of the house not traveled by pets.
  • Place the motion sensor higher to reduce detection of low-traveling pets.
  • Place the sensor on a table or above a surface which restricts its viewing angle of the floor.
  • Modify your Alarm Configuration on the Iris website so that two sensors are required to trigger the alarm.


While reviewing community Q&A section for Lowe’s Iris, someone mention Lowe’s is working on one, so I decided to look further to see if this might be true.

If you didn’t know Lowe’s Iris platform is designed by alterme.com and Lowe’s is just one of their partners. I wanted to check out what the other partners had and found that British Gas display a list of their devices which they support and a pet friendly motion sensor is one of them.

Pet Friendly motion sensor from British Gas

This is the the product description from British Gas:
A pet friendly motion sensor will detect human activity in your home when you’re not there. It does this using a passive infrared receiver (PIR) which responds to heat movement.

The sensor’s designed to filter out movement of a single pet weighing up to 18kg (40lb). So, as long as your cat or dog doesn’t climb up close to the sensor, he can roam freely without triggering the alarm.

You can have as many pet friendly motion sensors as you like. We suggest you buy enough to cover entrance points and rooms containing items of value.

At this time all we can do is hope the pet friendly motions sensor will be out soon.