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To continue from my other post regarding “Replacing old light switch with GE light switch” There are some things you should know about the GE dimmer light switch and if it will work with your existing lights. 

GE dimmer switch from Lowe's

First off the positive aspect of this dimmer.

1) No neutral wire is needed for this light switch: This can be great if you only have a single pole switch that has two wires connected to them. This is so you don’t need to add an additional electrical wire for your switch where you may need to bring in an electrician to pull a new wire.

You can review the below youtube.com video which show’s how to wire a single pole switch, and the many different type of single pole switches there are.

**Please note if you have a third wire it my be the ground wire and is not the same as the neutral wire. If your unsure of this please contact a license electrician.**

2) It’s pretty simple to install by just turning off the power from breaker panel and moving the wire from the old switch to the new one. You do however need to know which wire is the “Line” wire and which is the “load” wire. My example was white was the “Load” and black was “Line”. Also there is a difference in installing the physical wire where you will notice that it’s a hook shape when you take it off and you need to straiten the electrical wire when installing it for the GE dimmer. 

Here’s the video from Jasco which shows how to install the dimmer.

Here’s the video from Lowe’s regarding the GE setup instructions.

Now for the not so great part.

From my experiments this dimmer switch will only work with incandescent light bulbs.


I’ve tried using the dimmer with the circline light and it would sometimes be bright at 100% but most of the time the light would stay bright around 50% and often it would just shut itself off when you try to making it brighter.

circleline light

I’ve also tried using two different fluorescent lights and got two different results. One of which will flicker when I have the light switched off, while the other would have trouble staying bright at 100% like the circline light above.

Fluorescent_LampThe last one was a dimmable LED light which I can’t seem to shut off. It stays at 10% brightness when the switch is set to off. Also when trying to make it brighter it seems to shut off sometimes too.

Ecosmart LED light

So to conclude, if you planning to use the GE dimmable light switch make sure you are using it only for incandescent light bulbs. If it’s anything else then your really taking a big change to get very weird results. The only option then is to install the neutral wire which at this time I can only recommend having electrician do this for you.

I’ll be looking into how to install my own neutral wire but I may need some time to figure this out.