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This past weekend I needed some contractors to fix my doors while I needed to be away from home. This didn’t sit well with me, so I disable the door sensors where they need to do work on.  However the rest of the house still had active motion sensors triggering the alarm if they walk in to range. 

Contractor working on door

I had ran some test before I left them alone and it seems to have worked out well. They had access to what they needed and also the restroom and shelter if it rained, while knowing some parts of the house will cause the siren to trigger.

If you also need to do some thing like this, then you can disable some devices by going to the following.

1) From the Lowe’s Iris portal, stay on the Home page and click on the “Alarm” option.


2) Click on “Alarm configuration”


4) Click on the “Devices” tab

Click on alarm devices tab5) From here you can disable devices that you don’t want to trigger once the alarm is set. Alarm-Devices