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I was looking for some generic security signs online and later decided to check what Lowes.com have.

Surprisingly I discovered that if you search on lowes.com for “security stickers” you would found there was only 3 results and one of them is a 3 inch by 3 inch security stickers for Iris!

Iris Security Stickers

The description was listed as “Swann 3-in x 3-in Security Sticker” so I decided to search for “Swann” on lowes.com to check out what else they might have. While scrolling down to the bottom of the search results you would find “Swann Iris Security Yard Stake

Iris Yard Stake Sign

If you like to have the exact link I have provided both below.

Iris 3-inch x 3-inch Security Stickers:

Iris Security Yard Stake:

It does seems odd that they didn’t list these two products on the Lowe’s Iris products page. humm?

**update 7/25/2013**

I posted this up but didn’t try purchasing them. I just tried now and see that shipping this to my home wasn’t an option and all the stores near me doesn’t have them available either. If anybody can order them would you please  let us know which store you were able pick them up from or if you happen to see that shipping is available please post a comment to let everyone else know it’s available thank you!

No Security Yard Stake