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Iris Camera

I finally installed the Iris camera but it wasn’t a smooth ride getting there.

Actually at this time I can’t really even use the camera because my primary connection for my Iris hub is the Cellular USB modem. To use the camera you need to have the hub on a broadband connection which at this time for me it would still randomly disconnect. I though it just might work because you can set the camera as a wireless device by configuring to your Wi-Fi network. Well I tried and I was wrong.

For the last two days I’ve been able to successfully getting the camera to work when it was connected to my router but when trying to reconfigure over wireless all I got these errors most of the time.


Issue loading stream

It was pretty frustrating when I had to reset the camera many times. I think I’ve gotten the reason why but still running some test. I may post up what I needed to do for this to work tomorrow.

**Update 7/31/2013**
I’ve made a post called “Resolving my Iris Camera wireless issue.