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I had successfully got my camera to work over the Ethernet cable but every time I switch to the wireless option I get the following image below when trying to view the the video feed.Camera Video issueThere are multiple different security methods in configuring the wireless option and the one I have set up at home is for “WEP”.

Camera Configuration WEP

After multiple resets to the camera and many trial and error I found that the camera just doesn’t support WEP over “Open System Authentication“.

I had discover this setting by accident in my router where I have the following option to set the network Authentication type from “Open System Authentication” to “Shared key Authentication” or “Both“.

WEP Options

I’ve tested this out by trying all three options and can confirm that it just doesn’t work “Open System Authentication“.

This now brings up another question for me as is there limitations for the other security method for “WPA” and “WPA2”. I’ll also be looking into this later too.