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While trying to get the indoor camera to work for Iris I’ve notice that it has a memory cards slot, but when reviewing the manual it state that “The memory card slot is not used with the Iris service and is disabled for all installations.” Kind of thought it’s funny why someone design a camera with memory card slot and not use it. It feels like it’s not designed by Lowe’s or even alertme.com

So I did a search on the model number “RC8221” and found that it’s created by a company called Sercomm. I found that they have two websites. For the US it’s sercomm.com while the Japanese one is sercomm.co.jp

The product display page below is from the Japanese site.

Sercomm Indoor camera lineup

While the Sercomm US site has the Camera PDF with the camera specifications and also shows some additional products.

Sercomm US siteWhile check out their site I was wondering is it possible that the outdoor camera Lowe’s was is planning to release soon would be one of the following listed on the the Sercomm US website.

There are 3 out door cameras listed and below are the screen shot I’ve taken from their website.