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top-secretI’ve been giving a secret mission to figure out a security breach in an office setting. I’m not going to give all the details like people’s name, company and place, but will provide what are my goals and challenges are for this project.

Summary: This is a small office setting where things has been gone missing. Only a few key people in the office knows that this has been an ongoing issue and like to find out who’s doing this. There is an assumption that it’s done by someone on the inside. There’s also an assumption that there might be a hidden camera because how quickly the burglar is able to find very specific items with out disturbing the surrounding area, so basically there’s no sign of someone searching for valuables. 

Goal: Get a video of the person red handed so there would be no question what their motive was. 


1) I’ve been told this has to be a quiet operation. Nobody should know we had setup a security system. So no alarms, no sounds from Iris hub.

2) Notification should be send through text or call to cell phone.

3) There’s no help from the IT department.


1) Requirement 1 seems difficult because the hub for Iris only has the lowest volume as “Very quiet”. I need it to be off.

Hub Quiet

2) Requirement 3 seems difficult too because I need a dedicated broadband connection. I’m going to try to see if I just setup a hub will work, but I think it’s very unlikely, because their IT department may have some some security restriction to add a new device on the network. It wouldn’t hurt to try through!

I’ve already have some ideas on what to do for these two challenges and will be posing more in the next few days.

**Update 8/8/2013**
Created post on “How to silence the Iris hub?” to resolve requirement 1

**Update 8/9/2013**
Created post on “FreedomPop hub as my primary network connection for Iris” to resolve requirement 3