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Continuing off from the secret mission I was trying to create a silent operation with no sound on the hub or cause any noise when triggered.

First I had to shut off anything that will trigger any sounds by going to the “Alarm Overview” and select “no” for the following items highlighted below in the screen shot.

Alarm Overview no sound

To get to this screen you need to be on the “home” tab and select the “alarm” section.


Then click on “Alarm Configuration”


I had also needed to quiet the hub too but the only option when reviewing the hub setting is only “1 – Very quiet”.

Hub Quiet

So now my only option is to open up the hub and disconnect the speaker.

These are the steps I needed to perform to unplug the speaker.

1) Unplug the hub and flip it over.

2) Remove the back cover and take out the battery and also remove the rubber foots to expose where the screws inside.

Iris Hub Back - Remove rubber foot and battery

3) Unscrew 4 screws.

Iris Hub Back- Remove screws

4) On the inside you need to remove 3 more screws

Hub Inside - Remove 3 screws

5) When you left the board up you will find that there is a cable going from the speaker to the hub. Just unplug this slowly it shouldn’t be too hard to remove.

Iris Hub inside speaker

6) Once done tape the cable to the plastic cover so it won’t be loose inside.

7) Now do everything in reverse and screw things back together again.