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While looking a solution for my secret project where I need to have a dedicated network without using the small office network.

I found FreedomPop hub burst where the best part is that it’s free 4G wireless for the first gigabyte every month. Lowe’s Iris doesn’t use much data if you don’t us any Iris cameras as part of your system. In fact Iris’s Verizon wireless USB set as primary connection gives you 20 megabytes a month, while 5 megabytes a month as backup network connection.


This seems to be the perfect solution where I can have a cellular connection for free and can switch to another cellular network as a backup!

Another great news is that I haven’t experience any issues where the hub disconnect for the past 4 days compare to daily disconnection via Verizon FiOS.

**If you do decided to use the FreedomPop Hub Burst please make sure to change it’s SSID and Network password.**