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If you have decided to use FreedomPop Burst as their primary connection for your Lowe’s Iris hub, then please make sure to secure the hub by changing it’s SSID and network password.

I’ve found the following page regarding “How do I access the Hub Burst’s Device Utility to change the SSID and network password?

FreedomPop Change SSID - password


Here’s the information from the link in case it doesn’t work.

To change the network name/ SSID and/ or the password for your FreedomPop Hub Burst, you will need to:

  • Access  device utility by entering to the address bar in your internet browser.
  • Log in to the using the default password “admin”

***There are two versions of the Device Utility for the Hub Burst, please read through the options and find the result that best fits your Hub Burst’s device utility:

Option 1

  • Click the Wifi Settings on the left-hand column and select Basic.
  • On the main portion of the screen, the fields to change the SSID and password will appear.
  • Select Apply when you are finished.

Option 2:

  • Select Basic from the Top Menu Bar
  • Select Wifi from the left side column
  • From the drop down, select Basic again
  • The options to configure your SSID and password will appear on the main screen
  • Press Apply when you are finished to make the changes.

**As a side note there is also a FAQ section regarding the FreedomPop Hub Burst device if you like to review.**