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If you have logged in to your Iris web portal recently you may have notice the following message.

Hub upgrade notice

To upgrade your hub either you click on the blue button with the right arrow or you may just click on the “devices” tab which will bring you to the devices page.

From there you will notice that the hub will have the Status of “Upgrade available”.

Hub Upgrade Available Click on the “Manage” button and it will bring your hub device settings.

Hub Device Setting - upgrade hub

Click on the “Upgrade hub” button and it will bring you to the following page to warn you to not turn off the hub and stay on the upgrade page for 10 minutes. Please click on “Continue” when ready.

Prep upgrade hub message


The next screen will show you the in progress screen, and all you can do is wait.

Hub upgrade in progress


Once it’s completed you should get the “upgrade complete” screen and you just need to click on the “Continue” button.

hub upgrade complete

Or it’s possible you may receive a “Session timeout” window which one of my hub upgrade completes did to me, and all I had to do is just re-login to the web portal.

Session Timeout

Once the upgrade is done you should notice the hub version is now 3.06r47.

hub on version 3.06r47


Right now I don’t notice anything different but hope it will help on the hub disconnect issue I’m having. If you notice some that may have changed please put in a comment. Thank you!