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I received in the mail the First Alert Smoke and CO detector today and just got it installed and working even though the Iris portal says it’s “coming soon”.

This is what it looks like in the package.

Smoke and Co in package

This is what’s in side the package.

Smoke and Co items

Now for getting it registered in Iris which was really simple.

Just following the instructions when you click on the Icon for “Smoke & CO Detector” in the add devices section.

Smoke & Co coming soon

You will see the following instructions which is in general is just press amd hold the button on the Smoke & CO Detector before you slide in the battery.

Smoke & CO Detector instructions

Once that’s done you should see that it’s paired successfully.

Smoke and CO Paired Successfully

I’ve also pressed the test button on the smoke/CO detector and I also received the following email.

Smoke and CO test email

Hopefully Lowe’s will have it listed on the product page in lowes.com/iris but in the mean time you may find the direct links from my post on “Tilt Sensor, Smoke and Carbon Monoxide detector coming soon“.