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I’m not a huge fan of door locks with keypads on them. To me it just doesn’t feel safe. Well not yet anyway. Maybe I’ll try it one day.

Which brings me to the point that I never notice when the Kwikset locks were supported. I always thought Schlage locks where the only door/deadbolt supported for Iris but after searching lowes.com I had found the Kwikset – IRIS Compatible page.



Finding this page make me wonder when will Lowes.com ever make a simple list view of all the products supported for Iris. I guess I should start making one.

Also I’ve received a few request for listing unsupported products which also works with Iris but I only have a few in mind to try out. So if you know of anyone who has installed an unsupported Iris product please put a comment below and I’ll give it a shot and if there enough number of unsupported Iris products that works then I’ll also start building a list for that too.