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Between family life and starting with a new company. I’ve been trying to find time to work with Iris and recently just logged into the portal and found a few new things.

1) The following Pop up message when I logged in.

Iris Message From Portal 9-29-2013

2) Firmware update for the Hub, so I had updated from 3.06.47 to 3.06.49

Hub Upgrade 9-29-2013

3) Additional products when you try to add more devices.

New Add Product 9-29-2013

Even though these news updates where kind of nice to know that they are working on releasing new things, but it’s frustrating to understand why they send these messages out when the products aren’t even on lowes.com yet, like the LED lights.

Also the more scheduling magic rules that can be set for sunrise and sunset. Where it says “you might just use it to turn on your porch light for a couple of hours when it goes dark.” Well I have a GE dimmer and I still haven’t found where I can try this new feature. Does this exist?

Just for fun I’ve checked Lowe.com and found that they hiring for Technical Manager, Technical Director, and a Operations Project Manager for the Iris division. I really hope they find the help they need to fix some of these problems with releasing products and updates. They seem to really need the help.

Iris Jobs 9-29-13