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I’ve received a few interesting comments from readers since I last posted on 10/5. Thank you all for commenting I really appreciate them!

So instead of posting them individual and bombard people who sign up for email updates. I decided to just make one post which will list them out.

**From reader Scott**

Lowes released an infomercial promoting the Iris system. They asked me to be part of the customer testimonials so I said yes. There’s mention to a garage door monitor with remote opening/closing. Maybe with the release of the infomercial, they will finally get some of their ‘coming soon’ products on the shelves.

**From reader Waka & Scott**
Who both mention a tumblr blog for Iris at http://myeyesoniris.com


**From reader Larry Walker**

I found the Iris Sylvania LED light bulb on Lowes.com here: http://www.lowes.com/pd_484719-3-78960_0__?productId=50057367

Iris Sylvania LED Flood bulb

It doesn’t say Iris on that page, but it does on the search results page (look for the one that says “Compatible with the Lowe’s Iris system”).

If those links don’t work, try searching for “Sylvania 11-watt” or just put in the Item# 484719.

**From reader jamesisenberg**



**From reader sacornel**

I contacted Bali Blinds and asked them how to get the Iris enabled blinds. Here’s their response.

Thank you for contacting Springs Window Fashions.

We offer motorization on the following products:

· Cellular Shades
· Roman Shades
· Pleated Shades
· Solar Shades
· Roller Shades
· Horizontal Blinds in wood, aluminum, vinyl and acrylic (Please note that horizontal blinds are tilt only)

We offer a RTS Interface devise that works with the Iris Home Automation system available through Lowes.

The RTS Interface is a communication device that acts like a translator for the home automation system. The RTS Interface “talks” to the motor of the blind/shade and tells it to raise, lower, or stop as instructed by the home automation system.

The Interface devise that we have is compatible with the Iris system and is called ZRTS11

We attached the specifications of the ZRTS11 devise below. For additional pricing and information please visit,

http://www.baliblinds.com and click on “Where to Buy” or go to the following link: http://www.baliblinds.com/buy_bali/WhereToBuy.jsp

Please visit our web site listed below for additional Motorization option information and our new Motorization “How To” video series.

If we can be of further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at the phone number below, or by replying to this email address.


Customer Service
Motorization Support Team

Springs Window Fashions, LLC
8467 Route 405 Highway South
Montgomery, PA 17752-0500

Phone: 800-221-6352
visit http://www.baliblinds.comto view the Motorization “How To” video series – Consumer

Did you know that October is National Window Covering Safety Month?

Safety is always in style. Go Motorized or Cordless.

The Window Covering Safety Council (WCSC) urges parents and caregiver to “Make the Right Choice” and install only motorized or cordless window coverings in young children’s bedrooms and sleeping areas. For blinds, shades and draperies manufactured prior to 2001, the WCSC offers free retrofit kits. For more information about retro fit kits, call 1-800-506-4636 or visit http://www.baliblinds.com/safetyor http://www.graberblinds.com/safety