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I need to credit reader fmollenkopf for his comment on 10/7/13 regarding the blind controller is from the company somfysystems.com. I wasn’t able to verify the video which he mention which is why I didn’t provide it on yesterdays post.

I was however able to verify that the information does show on the Bali website where you need to click on the tab for “Home automation” and you’ll notice the line that says “The new Z-Wave to Radio Technology Somfy® Interface (ZRTSI) enables motorized blinds and shades to be compatible with Z-wave based home automation systems

Bali-site-on-SomfyThe odd thing is that I wasn’t able to find this controller (ZRTSI) on the Somfy website, but I did find it at automatedshadestore.com where they state it’s a new product since 9/16/2013 and they even provided a PDF installation instructions from Somfy.



Now I always find the price interesting once Lowe’s list the product for sale and it’s usually much lower then anywhere I’ve seen. So I like to keep track that right now at automatedshadestore they are selling it for $334. 


Anybody want to comment to see how much Lowe’s will sell it for?