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This post is a respond to Scott’s comment.

I noticed a Fan Speed Switch is coming soon to the device lineup. If anyone gets 4-1-1 on this please let me know. I’ve been waiting for it since Iris’ birth.

Well for someone who’s been waiting for it since Iris birth. I guess I should try my best to figure out any information.

So here’s my though process. 

1) All of the switches for Iris are from GE (AKA Jasco) So I decided to check if they have any thing at jascoproducts.com and did a search for “fan” well I came back with nothing that looks like the product listed in the device page on Iris. 

2) I know all of the GE/Jasco product are Z-wave. So maybe they might have something on the z-wavealliance.org site. They have a section where you can search for products and I found the following when searching for the product “Fan”


Z-Wave Alliance Fan Control


The information on the site only has the following.

Fan Control Info


Now with the identifier info for 10974/ZW4002 I decided to recheck the Jasco website….Nothing. Recheck Google…. Nothing… Checking GE.com ….Nothing.

It looks like the product does exist and it’s already certified with Z-Wave but nothing else besides this. Sorry Scott.

If anybody else want to give it a shot and is more successful please let us know!