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Light Bulb Module

Continuing the posts on finding information on products for Iris. I was able to find that the light bulb module which is listed as coming soon is from a company called Everspring.

Everspring light bulb

This wasn’t a real surprise considered the siren was something I’ve verified that it works before Lowe’s had it available for sale.

Everspring Siren

Also the water leak sensor is also from everspring too.
http://www.everspring.com/ST812.aspxEverspring Water Sensor

So if your interested in buying the light bulb module and can’t wait for Lowe’s to offer it for sale I’m pretty confident that it may still work if it’s a model from everspring. (Note I haven’t tested this but going by past experience)

To find it you can search for it on amazon by looking for the term “an145 z-wave”.

amazon everspring light bulb

You can also find it on  Ebay and the same goes there too with the same search results for “an145 z-wave”.
Ebay everspring light bulb