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In response to my post regarding my daughter. The Iris support team took the time sent me this card with everyone’s signature! (I didn’t supply image of signature to protect their privacy)

Iris Support CardIris Support card Inside

Just like to say thank you to everyone at Iris support for the card! It was a really nice unexpected surprise.

I didn’t think the support team even know this site existed. I guess the next time I call Iris support it will feel a little awkward.

I just like to mention that you’ll never see me mention anything bad about the Iris support on this blog. It’s not that any support is perfect but the reason being that I sympathize with them. I work in the technical support side for over a decade from frontline support by answering phone calls and emails to managing a very small global team of support representatives. It really takes a special personality to do this job, because every day you’re bombard with messages that your product is broken and it can take a toll sometimes. Also there’s only so much you can do by using whatever tools you have in your arsenal to help fix the issue and sometimes it’s beyond your means to do so, but still keep the connection with the customer to reassure that it will be all okay.

I just like say THANK YOU to the Iris support team again and I know your team are doing the best as possible in supporting the Iris customer community.


I read over this again and though to myself would readers who never worked in support will get the wrong impression?

Well just to make sure, I just like to mention to everyone that my message above was to show that I understand how difficult some parts of support can be and  those are some of the points that I can relate to, and I appreciate all their hard work. But please note that my experience with Iris support has been nothing but excellent. I currently have no open issues and my experience with them have been great!