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Finally…. I was able to get some time to test this LED.



I got two of these to test and I’ve been trying to figure out how I’m going to use them. I like the idea of controlling and automating them but I still like to turn on and off my light switches manually too. 

So here’s what I found.

1) For Iris to control these LED you need to leave your light switch to the “On” position.

If I plan on setting some kind of schedule for them then I need to remember to keep the light switch for “On”.

2) Leaving the light switch in the “off” position will not allow you to control these lights from Iris. 

Iris will think the LED are missing and they will be listed as “searching” in your device page. I also notice you will not get any messages that they are disconnected.

3) Regardless of the setting in Iris I can always turn on the lights with the manual light switch. 

For example if Iris has scheduled the LED for “off” and when you come home you just need to turn “off” then back “on” the manual light switch to turn on the LED lights.

4) Regardless of the dimming setting in Iris, once you control the manual light switch it will always go from off to 100% illumination. Unless you have a manual dimmer. 

5) Turning it off and on the light switch from the app will keep the illumination level. 

So what I’m going to be doing with these LED’s?
I’ll be going back to Lowe’s next week and get myself a few more.

I don’t see myself playing with these LED controls from the Iris web/app too often but they will be useful when we plan on mini weekend getaways, or extended vacations, and having the lights on a schedule will just add a extra level of security at home.