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Does this email message look familiar to you?
Do you get this way too often?

Device Disconnected

I’ve receive this message for my GE dimmer light switch all the time, but it didn’t bug me to much consider it’s just a message and the light switch would disconnect and reconnect pretty quickly. Sometimes though it does take a little while but it didn’t happen that often. It’s always been on my to-do list to figure this out one day. 

I’m not sure what happen but it seems that after I’ve paired the 2nd generation range extender where it would optimized my network, the light switch would never pair up. This seems odd to me considered this new range extender was to be an improvement. I then put back the first generation range extender and it doesn’t pair up either.

So something must have happen the last time the network was optimized. So I tried it again from the Devices > Advanced Options > Optimize Network ….. Nothing and my light switch still won’t connect.

Optimize Network

Now I have to figure this out!

Considered there were many comments that says the range extender never worked with z-wave. So I have to check if this is true.

So to assess the problem I have to take note that there is a smart button, a motion detector, and camera in the same room and they all never disconnect which makes the theory true because none of them communicate with z-wave.

I do know that the Siren communicates with z-wave and would disconnect if I placed it in my outdoor garage. So I place one in the same room and it doesn’t disconnect.

Now I have to guess that maybe the light switch communicates on a different z-wave channel then the siren. If this is true then it might be best to have another GE device to extend the range from the hub to the light switch. From looking at all the GE devices the easiest one to implement was the GE outdoor plug.

GE Outdoor Plug

Once I paired this plug with Iris my light switch reconnected within a few minutes. I then though maybe my theory was right and their might be different z-wave channels, but that went out the window when the siren in the garage also connected too.

It’s been 3 days since my light switch connected and it still haven’t disconnected once yet.

So here’s my current theory. (Which might be proven incorrect later.)

1) The GE outdoor plug has a larger or more powerful z-wave signal range which is why it connected my siren in the outdoor garage and light switch.

2) I have to assume because the light switch is enclosed in the wall surrounded by metal casing makes it harder to communicate to.

3) Iris may have change the logic for communicating to a device where it has to be more reliable before it connects.

Does anybody else have another theory, or how you have solved your own disconnection issue.