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Iris decided to put out an update for the hub on Thanksgiving, where you may see the discussions on the Iris forum.

Hub Upgrade 3.06R75


Besides an update to the hub I believe they also tried to make changes on the Iris servers too where part of the day there was no access and they had an issue where the only device in the device page was just the hub, but it did get resolved later.

When updating the hub you may notice the hub does a reset where all your devices including your hub are not found but they do come back so don’t be scared when it happens.

We seem to have one user who has some strange behavior which I can’t reproduce, so I also like to check if anyone else have completed the update and let us know how it went. Good, bad, or just really ugly.

Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving yesterday, and I hope you didn’t just shop till you drop for black Friday.

I’m so glad we spent $0 today!!!