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Yes voice control will be coming to Iris soon!

My first tip from a reader Jeff who wrote to me and mentioned that support had told him it would be coming to the app soon.

I would have just relay this tip to everyone here but there wasn’t much proof until later I found that myeyesoniris had spotted a microphone on the google play store but it seems it’s not a active feature for the Android yet.

Iris app with mic

Besides development for the Apps to include voice control, there is also product called ivee that is a voice activated assistant clock. It’s like the iPhone Siri for your home.

Here’s a short video on what it can do.

If you visit their website at helloivee.com and scroll down a bit you’ll also notice that Iris will be supported too.

ivee support iris

Just to be safe and to make sure they aren’t talking about another Iris product I had to dig in more and found that they had commented on their kickstarter with the following comment.

“Philips HUE, Lowe’s IRIS, and FitBit are just a few of the companies that have opened up their API’s and what we are already beginning to experiment with.”

Now voice control is in the future I’ll have to try to dig up news to see if there is a robot in the future that will do my laundry, clean the house and bring me a can of beer, when I come home. hummm…. 😉