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I went to visit myeyesoniris.com and found that there is news regarding the Iris Guarge Door Controller.


The news is released from CEpro.com where they explain that it’s made from a company called Linear and it will work with your existing garage door opener and it runs on Z-Wave. They also mention that it will be sold for $99 and will be shipped on March 2014.

That’s great but I couldn’t just stop here, and had to find out more about this Linear (linearcorp.com) company.

So while searching around their site they do have a designated page for Z-Wave devices on linearcorp.com/zwave/ where they mention about all sorts of Z-Wave products but no links besides just one brochure about mainly light switches!?!?


So I have to ask where is everything else? You can see from the image above there’s glass break sensors, cameras, keypads and etc.. I really like to see more options in the future besides the current ones Lowe’s Iris provides now.

More digging in the site resulted me to find a press release about a acquisition for a company called 2GIG on April 1 2013.


“2GIG is the leading provider of Home Automation and Home Security” this interested me to look further into this 2GIG company which I found is at 2gig.com.

The best part is that I found their whole line of products! (2gig.com/products)


If this garage door partnership with Lowe’s works well, then this gives me hope that they will introduce more options later in the future like the touch screen control panel!