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I would have really like to keep people posted on the Iris outage last weekend but I was going through a tragedy in my neighborhood where a 8 year old boy was ran over by a truck. As some of you already know my 3 year old daughter was killed by a car just two months ago so this news particularly hit home for us. We’ve meet the family and as a community we setup a vigil.

I’m telling you this just to make sure you know that my Iris outage experience may be highly distorted considered what I was going through.

So what was my experience with the outage? ……

…..Not much.

Besides a text messages that says my broadband connection (cellular broadband service) went over to my backup Verizon cellular connection. This text was a trigger for me to also enable motion detection on my vuezone cameras, so if it detects any movement inside the house it would record and email me. I’ve used the vuezone system as secondary backup. I’ve been burglarized 3 times, once in my house and two times for the garage so I wasn’t going to take any chances by only having one system to protect my family.

Coming home to disable the alarm and later setting Iris to partial when it was time for bed all worked. Magic rules was functional and would shut off power strips and etc…

The only reason I know there was a major outage was from this blog. I had high volumes page visits for those two days and I can also see some of the search term people use to find my site. Here is just an example from 12-21


So even though I didn’t notice any issues, I do understand that I would not have been able to control things away from home and there was a chance that I wouldn’t have been notified by Iris of a break in even though I did receive a text regarding the broadband issue.

Like everyone else I think I also prefer Iris to send out a notification prior to the upgrade on their side so we’ll be prepared for such outages. This will help us prepare so I can also notify my next door neighbor if they hear the siren go off to call me.