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I’ve mentioned in a past post that a new device called IVEE has plans to work with Iris. I’m glad to say one of my readers James Isenberg found that you can purchase IVEE from Staples.com and took the plunge and got one. He was also nice enough to write a whole review for it. So today I’m taking a break and letting him take control. 😉

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The Ivee Sleek is a clock that promises to take voice activation to the home.  It connects to wifi an as long as your home automation system has a web interface it should work.  It is a great concept as long as it works, so does it? I have had mine for several weeks now and it actually does a pretty good job.


I was super excited about opening this up.  I mean, who doesn’t want the joy of talking to your home.  I little bit of my geek side came out (A little bit??  -this is his wife-  Time stood still!!  He couldn’t even hear me as I said the babies were crying! 🙂 ) as I opened the box with hopes of talking to Ivee much like Hal or the computer on Star Trek: TNG.  The box contained the clock, power cord, two common command cards and an instruction booklet.


Setup was extremely easy.  You literally plug in the clock and then wait.  She will ask you to setup the wifi and you just choose one of the networks that she has found.  Simple.  Then to link your account you simply say “link account” and she will give you two words that you are supposed to type into the Ivee dashboard.  If you don’t have an Ivee account you go to http://www.helloivee.com and make one and that’s it.  All of the instructions are easy to use and understand.


Ivee is a joy to use when she understands you.  For the most part she does a great job of listening for you to say “hello ivee” and then does a pretty decent job of understanding you as long as there is no background noise.   She is able to tune the radio and play sleep sounds and while these sounds are playing it is impossible for her to hear you.  The sleep sounds were a real plus and there are six available.  I would like to see more of the sounds but this may be possible with a future update.   In future updates I’d also like to see her be able to ignore background noise.  It is a little difficult, in a house with little kids, to not have background noise and she struggles to understand if there’s much of it going on in the same room.  Over all she works great for weather, stocks, and to do anything a clock would do.  It is a great thing to set your alarms and sleep sounds without getting out of bed.   The weather function is also pretty handy because in the morning I usually check the temperature to make sure I am adequately dressed.  I live in Kentucky and weather can change in an instant.

With Iris-

ivee-connect-device-pageRight now the Ivee Sleek does seem to pair with the Iris system on the Ivee side, but not with the lowes side.  It seems that Ivee “sees” iris, but iris won’t take commands from Ivee yet.  The commands are the same that are being used with Iris’ voice recognition.  I spoke with an Ivee representative who assured me that they are ready and it should be working soon.  I will update the review when this does happen.  As for other systems listed on the page they are: Iris, Nest, Smartthings, Philips, Belkin, Securifi, WigWag, Lockitron, Fitbit, Insteon, and Mios.  I don’t know if all of these companies are actually signed on or if they are just place holders on the Ivee dashboard.


In conclusions I say that this clock is pretty cool and has a lot of appeal.  I would say if you want a clock that listens to your commands; this is the clock for you.  If you want it to work right out of the box with your system, wait a couple of months…they are working on it.  I will update the review to include videos when it is fully functional with iris.  If anyone wants a video of her responding to other commands or has any questions, let me know.